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SECO University is your one-stop educational resource center for optometric education online. SECO University provides dozens of COPE-approved online courses, more than 1,000 hours of audio recordings, 460+ multimedia posters and many other learning opportunities.
We will continue to add courses and other educational offerings throughout the year, including many of the latest courses from SECO 2016 (February 24-28, Atlanta).

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Thriving in the New Era

This twenty-minute clip from one of SECO's exclusive Special Sessions provides a critical update on ophthalmic coding and billing, along with laws impacting participation and payments. A review of recent changes to the eye care delivery system will delineate the challenges that the optometric profession faces. Medical and vision plans along with integrated models will be covered by this panel of experts as well. See our ONLINE COURSE LIBRARY for the full video and COPE-approved test.

The Great Dry Eye Raft Debate

This twelve-minute clip from one of SECO's exclusive Special Sessions features interactive technology, finds four national dry eye experts stranded on a life raft and surrounded by sharks with limited food and water. Who gets thrown in the water? Who will survive? Only one expert will remain and be crowned the winner. You, the audience, will decide their fate and learn a great deal about dry eye in the process.  See our ONLINE COURSE LIBRARY for the full video and COPE-approved test.

Special Session Video

Exclusive Special Session Video

The Sky's the Limit

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SECO Legends (audio)

Leonard Press, ODNo optometrist's name is more synonymous with vision and learning than Leonard Press, OD. His 2012 lecture 'Getting on Base with Learning-Based Vision Problems' is a classic. Dr. Press has been recognized internationally for his work in the field of learning-related vision problems. He was a co-author of the Clinical Practice Guidelines in this area for the American Optometric Association, published in 2000. Dr. Press is the author of a monograph from the Optometric Extension Program on Computers and Vision Therapy Programs (1992). He is the author of three major textbooks.

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eposterAdult Onset Foveomacular Pigment Epithelial Dystrophy (AOFPED) by Benedicte Gonzalez, ODand Lane Fujimoto, OD. 

Pattern macular dystrophies can mimic each other in appearance, and in adults can be misdiagnosed with acquired and inherited disorders. True vitelliform macular dystrophy rarely appears in the adult population and when it does it is characterized by late onset, slow progression, good prognosis and high variability in functional abnormalities. The following case demonstrates the importance of using optical coherence tomography (OCT), fundus photos, fluorescein angiography (FA), and electro-oculography (EOG) in the diagnosis of Adult Onset Foveomacular Pigment Epithelial Dystrophy (AOFPED).

Glaucoma: Clinical Pearls for Challenging Cases

Get the most current approaches to managing patients with open angle glaucoma, as well some of the common secondary glaucomas with this excellent online course presented by Michael Chaglasian, OD. Highlights include the optic nerve evaluation, nerve fiber analysis, IOPmeasurement, pachymetry and ocular perfusion pressure. Visit our OD Course Library to access.