SECO Presents Steering Clear of Malpractice

Speaker: Paul C. Ajamian, OD
Thursday, March 26 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 65958-EJ

In an era of increasing litigation for anything against anyone, the doctor of optometry is driving on thin ice. This course will cover practical reminders on avoiding malpractice using actual court cases.

SECO Presents: How to Add Teleoptometry To Your Practice Now!

Speaker: Michael Rothschild, OD,
Founder of Leadership OD
Tuesday, March 31 - 2:00 PM EDT
Length: 1 hour

Join Michael Rothschild, OD as he walks you through the step-by-step process to add a telemedicine component to your practice immediately. Dr. Rothschild has done the research, been practicing teleoptometry, and has a solid understanding of the latest regulations and reimbursement requirements.  This is a session you can’t afford to miss.

SECO Presents: Why You Need An Online E-store Now & What Options Are Available

Speaker: Trudi Charest
Wednesday, April 1 - 2:00 PM EDT
Length: 1 hour

Join Trudi Charest from Marketing4ECP’s as she walks you through why e-commerce is essential to your business right now and how to get started.  Trudi has done the research and will provide you with actionable ideas as well as numerous resources to guide you through starting this timely initiative.

Presented in partnership with:

SECO Presents New Technologies and Pharmacology: A Look into the Future

Speaker: Chris Wroten, OD
Thursday, April 2 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 65748-PH

A fast-paced, multimedia look at emerging pharmaceuticals,novel drug delivery systems, innovative "eye tech", and advances in ophthalmic surgery. Also discussed will be cutting edge stem cell and gene therapy research and new diagnostic and therapeutic innovations poised to impact eye care.

SECO Presents Off the Menu: A Nutritional Approach to Dry Eye

Speaker: Melissa Barnett, OD
Thursday, April 9 - 8:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 65628-PH

This lecture will review the clinical benefits and indications of nutrition in dry eye, including the best diets and and beneficial vitamins. The highly debated topic of Omega supplementation and the Dry Eye Assessment and Management (DREAM) study will be reviewed.

SECO Presents My Newest Favorite Cases

Speaker: Paul Ajamian, OD
Thursday, April 16 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 65613-AS

This course will review some relevant principles of diagnosis and management through cases seen at one of the nations largest referral centers.

SECO Presents Ophthalmic Therapeutic Drug Update

Speaker: Tammy Than, OD
Thursday, April 23 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 65676-PH

This course reviews the newest topical and systemic medications useful in the treatment of ocular disease. Benefits of using the new drugs over existing medications will be discussed along with contraindications and potential side effects. The use of case examples will emphasize the clinical indications.

Getting to know your OCT

Speaker: Brad Sutton, OD
Thursday, April 30 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 67001-PD

This course covers the scientific principles behind OCT technology, both current and emerging, and the clinical indications for its use. The majority of the course consists of clinical case examples highlighting the use of OCT in patient care and management. Several conditions including macular edema, VMTS, ERM, macular hole, AMD, PED, neurosensory retinal detachment, glaucoma, NAION, ONH drusen, solar maculopathy, outer retinal tubules, and many others are covered.

SECO Presents When Good Drugs Go Bad: Ocular Adverse Side Effects

Speaker: Tammy Than, OD
Thursday, May 7 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 65815-PH

This course will review systemic medications associated with ocular adverse drug reactions. The course will also present recommendations for monitoring patients on these medications


SECO Presents The Disease of Myopia and Strategies for Myopia Control

Speaker: Melissa Barnett, OD
Thursday, May 14 - 8:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 65458-GO
Activity: #119417

Myopia is an independent risk factor for glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachment.This lecture reviews current myopia risk factors, prevalence, progression, management and marketing strategies to help the doctor manage myopia appropriately.

Sleep Apnea and the Eye

Speaker: Brad Sutton, OD
Thursday, May 21 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 64307-SD

This course covers systemic sleep apnea and the multiple ocular conditions that can be associated with it. The diagnosis of sleep apnea and its treatment are addressed. Many related ocular conditions are covereed including Floppy Eyelid Syndrome, keratoconus, glaucoma, NAION, and papilledema

SECO Presents: Oral Pharmaceuticals in Eyecare

Greg Caldwell, OD
Tracy Offerdahl, OD
Tuesday, June 2 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 68211-OP

Oral pharmaceuticals are essential tools in the management of patients in optometric practices. This course will primarily discuss diagnoses that need to utilize oral (systemic) antibiotics, antivirals, and pain medications in eye care patients. Additional oral medications may be described when applicable to a patient case. Practical information regarding the identification of adverse/allergic reactions, pregnancy and dosing will be discussed.

SECO Presents: AMD A to Z

Speaker: Jeff Gerson, OD
Thursday, June 4 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 65638-PS

As AMD becomes more prevalent, it is more important to be up to date with diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Trends in diagnostic technologies as well as advances in treatments will be discussed.

SECO Presents:
Glaucoma Grab Bag:
Practical Guidelines for Effective Glaucoma Therapy

Speaker: Danica Marrelli, OD
Tuesday, June 9 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 65468-GL

There's more to glaucoma therapy than a prostaglandin! This lecture will review all classes of glaucoma medications, including the two newest additions to the market. Incorporating new medications, use of generics, and stepped therapy are discussed. The pros, cons, and timing of laser trabeculoplasty will be presented to round out the lecture.

Trauma Rounds

Speaker: Alison K. Bozung, OD
Thursday, June 11 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 64203-GO
Activity: #119633

This lecture focuses on emergency care of ocular trauma. Everything from skin lacerations to orbital fractures and open globes will be discussed. Case examples will be used to illustrate management strategies, treatment guidelines, and referral patterns.

Caring for the Pregnant Patient

Speaker: Caroline Pate, OD
Tuesday, June 16 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 64171-GO

This course provides an overview to the some of the common and not so common physiological and pathological changes that can occur in the eye during pregnancy and postpartum period. Diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical options are also covered for the pregnant or nursing patient.

The Future of Cataract Surgery

Speaker: Paul C. Ajamian, OD
Thursday, June 18 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 66058-PO

This course will explore modern day cataract surgery, including advances that are available now but not universally embraced, along with future technology.

SECO Presents: Lets Go Viral

Speaker: Bobby Saenz, OD
Tuesday, June 23 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (1)
COPE: 65533-AS

This course will provide an interactive review of viral ocular conditions of the anterior segment and discuss new updates on the treatment and management of these conditions.

SECO Presents: Retinal Findings with Systemic Disease

Speaker: Jeff Gerson, OD
Thursday, June 25 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 65660-SD

This course will cover common systemic conditions and their retinal findings. Attention will be paid to diagnosis and treatment as well as appropriate referrals. Cases will be used to demonstrate actual scenarios.

SECO Presents:
Game of Codes

Speaker: Scott Moscow, OD
Tuesday, June 30 - 7:00 PM EDT
Credit Hours (2)
COPE: 65445-PM
Activity: #119759

Code with confidence! Learn a systematic way to select the appropriate exam code and learn what diagnostic tests/procedures are not only appropriate for each diagnosis but also the standard of care. Also, learn which diagnostic tests can be billed together at a particular visit and when it is appropriate to use a modifier to get paid for both an examination as well as a procedure. This is an interactive lecture that will allow participants to text in answers to questions asked throughout the presentation.

Innovations in Dry Eye, MGD,
and Ocular Surface Disease

Speaker: Walter Whitley, OD
Length: 2 Hour
Cost: $40
Date: Wednesday, July 15th
Time: 8:00 PM EDT
Activity: #119870


This lecture will discuss current and future diagnostic treatment options for ocular surface disease. Implementation pearls as well as best practices will be covered to take your practice to the next level.


Optometric Surgical Procedures
for Every Optometrist

Speaker: Nathan Lighthizer, OD
Length: 2 Hour
Cost: $40
Date: Wednesday, July 29th
Time: 9:00 PM EDT
COPE ID: #67389-SP (LIVE CE)
Activity: #119876


Optometric Surgical Procedures, including lump and bump removal, chalazion treatment, punctal occlusion, suture correction for entropion, and various anterior segment laser procedures, among others, are essential procedures for optometrists to be familiar with. Furthermore, optometrists in many states are now performing these procedures on a routine basis. This interactive presentation will review and update these optometric surgical procedures including indications, contraindications, risks, complications, treatment protocols, and pre- and post-op management.


Evolving Trends in
Retinal Vascular Disease

Speaker: Jessica Steen, OD
Length: 2 Hour
Cost: $40
Date: Wednesday, August 12th
Time: 7:00 PM EDT
Activity: #119990

This course will discuss emerging therapies, imaging modalities, and leading trends in the treatment and management of retinal vascular disease including exudative macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion, and diabetic retinopathy.


Don’t Let Swollen Optic
Nerves Make You Nervous

Speaker: Brad Sutton, OD
Length: 2 Hour
Cost: $40
Date: Wednesday, August 26th
Time: 7:00 PM EDT
COPE ID: 68482-NO
Activity: #120032

Optic nerve swelling can be intimidating to even the most experienced practitioners. This course covers several conditions that lead to true or presumed optic nerve head swelling. An emphasis is placed upon the systemic ramifications of these conditions. The diagnosis and management of papilledema, ischemic optic neuropathy, optic neuritis, optic nerve head drusen, compressive optic neuropathy, and others are discussed in detail.


SECO Live CE Saturday #3

September 26, 2020
(6) Hours of LIVE CE

SECO Presents Clinical Aspects of
COVID19 in Eye Care–Case Studies

Robert Hasty, DO & Joseph Sowka, OD
Join Dr. Sowka as he plays host to Dr. Robert Hasty, DO, a hospitalist working on the front lines in Orlando, Florida who has treated over 200 patients with COVID19. Gain valuable insights on treatment and containment protocols in this highly informative and interactive session.

The Herpes Group
Joseph Shovlin OD
Herpetic eye disease is commonly experienced in clinical practice. The two most common ophthalmic entities seen include herpes zoster ophthalmicus and herpes simplex keratitis. Clinical feature to help differentiate herpetic eye disease from non-viral conditions will be highlighted. Special attention will be given to treatment options and strategies to help avoid herpetic eye disease with vaccination. Concerns relating to viral resistance will be raised. New studies are offered to help better manage these conditions.

Pro-tip Potpourri in Corneal Ulcer Care
Aaron Bronner OD
This two-hour course will seek to shed new light on your management of microbial keratitis. We will look at areas of controversy and emerging challenges in the arena of corneal ulcers care and analyze these problems through the prism of the optometric scope of practice with the goal of giving you a better understanding of how these eyes behave and a better chance of guiding your ulcer patients toward a good outcome.

Cequa, An Innovative Formulation Option For Dry Eye
Scott Schachter, OD
Presented by Sun Ophthalmics


SECO Live CE Saturday #4

October 17, 2020
(6) Hours of LIVE CE

Optimizing Collaborative Care for
Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Procedures 

Walter Whitley, OD & Cecelia Koetting, OD
Through a panel discussion, presenters will discuss best practices in collaborative care for cataract and corneal procedures. As the primary eye care provider, optometrists play a critical role in the diagnosis, treatment and education of patients with cataracts. Each year, there are over 4 million cataract surgeries performed in the United States. With the increase in surgery, there are greater patient expectations and patients demand great outcomes. In order to meet these needs, collaboration for surgical patients will be key.

Collaborative Care in Glaucoma
Justin Schweitzer, OD
The United States population is growing older and more diverse meaning an increase in the prevalence of glaucoma. The number of ophthalmologists is on pace to increase only 2% by 2025, whereas the number of patients requiring glaucoma care and surgery will increase by 1.5 million. Ophthalmologists will need to spend more time in the operating room requiring optometrists to be more involved on the medical side of patient care. This course will discuss the importance of collaborative care between ophthalmology and optometry, the roles the optometrist plays in the management of a glaucoma patient, the postoperative care of minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries and filtration surgeries.

Scleral Lenses: An Oasis For Dry Eye
Melissa Barnett, OD
Ocular surface disease is a highly prevalent and chronic condition with a multitude of ocular and systemic causative factors. This course will review basic scleral fitting techniques and problem-solving techniques for successful therapeutic scleral lens wear in the ocular surface disease population. Additionally, case examples will be reviewed.

Alcon Symposia
#1: Our New Realty: Stronger Together
#2: The Next Big Thing
Sean Powell, OD


SECO Live CE Saturday #5

November 21, 2020
(6) Hours of LIVE CE

Understanding Glaucoma
Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Marc Myers OD and Andrew S. Gurwood, OD
We will discuss the most recent literature pertaining to the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Nuances of this latest information will be applied to clinical case examples.

Pain Management in the
Era of Opioid Abuse

Jill Autry OD., R.Ph
Opioids are powerful and effective treatments for controlling pain. Unfortunately, the associated abuse requires doctors judiciously approach and treat patients in pain. In this lecture, a pharmacist optometrist will review the history of opioids and their abuse, highlight alternative oral pain medications, and present case studies involving the diagnosis and treatment of ocular pain.

Lumps and Bumps A Practical Guide
to Evaluation and Management

Nathan Lighthizer, OD
Optometrists evaluate and manage eyelid and ocular adnexa lesions, including hordeolum, papillomas, nevi, basal cell carcinoma, among others, across all 50 states. This interactive lecture will provide a comprehensive and thorough review of all eyelid lesions, from the very benign to the very cancerous. The interactive part of this lecture will include Name that lesion where attendees will get to vote on what actual lesions are from patients that have presented to our clinic.

Allergan Symposia
(bimatoprost Intracameral implant)

Inder Paul Singh, MD and Justin Schweitzer, OD



SECO Live CE Saturday #6

December 12, 2020
(6) Hours of LIVE CE - FREE!

Presbyopia and Polymers
Will Smith, OD
Contact lens options for Presbyopic patients has never been so vast. Is the process to fitting them the same? This course will review a variety of lens options and best approaches for fitting success.

Customer to Subscriber:
Improving Your Contact Lens Revenue

Will Smith, OD
Many of our patients are in contact lenses; are they subscribers or simply customers? This course will help providers recognize patient characteristics when it comes to purchasing contact lenses, and review strategies and services which help eliminate these hassles.

How to Use Teleoptometry as a
Customer Service Feature for CL Wearers

Mike Rothschild, OD
Teleoptometry is quickly becoming an integral of many aspects of most eye care practices. Learn how to responsibility utilize this technology to deliver the highest level of care to your contact lens patients.

Adding an Online CL Store to Your Website
Trudi Charest - Facilitator
Bridgitte Shen Lee, OD
Bruce Coward, OD
Ritesh Patel, OD

Optometrists have such an opportunity to grow their practice by growing their online options including implementing e-commerce. We are going to chat with three Optometrists who have not only integrated e-commerce into their practices and websites but have been very successful making it work. We will discuss options in the industry and ways to market and grow e-commerce for your practice.

Contact Lens Parameters and Comfort
Presented by Johnson & Johnson Vision
Kurt Moody, OD, FAAO

Advocacy Update
Presented by Johnson & Johnson Vision
Mike Mayers, OD, FAAO

SECO Live CE(E) Saturday #7

February 20, 2021
(6) Hours of LIVE CE(E) - FREE!

Aesthetically Pleasing: Incorporating Oculoplastics Into Your Practice
Selena McGee, OD

Traum-o-rama: Tales from the Bascom Palmer ER
Alison Bozung, OD

Pharmaceutical Update
Tracy Offerdahl, PharmD/Greg Caldwell, OD

Precision 1: The Next Big Thing
Symposium Presented by Alcon
Chris Lieven, OD
Not COPE or CE Broker

Reinvigorate Your Practice with Alcon’s 3:2:1 Multifocal Advantage
Symposium Presented by Alcon
April Jasper, OD
Not COPE or CE Broker


SECO Live CE Saturday

March 13, 2021
(6) Hours of LIVE CE - FREE!

Clinical Quandaries: Fighting the Fear Factor

Paul C. Ajamian, OD

This course will seek to increase confidence in handling tough anterior segment cases without fear or reservation, based on experiences gained in a co-management center over a 40-year timeframe.

Retinal Vascular Occlusive Disease
Julie Rodman, OD

This course will provide a general review of retinal vascular occlusive disease including the clinical manifestation. An understanding of who may be at risk for this disorder will be discussed. The lecture highlights the method for making the proper diagnosis, the management and follow-up schedule of RVO and RAO. Appropriate treatment and preferred practice guidelines will be presented.

Hot Topics in Glaucoma
Eric Schmidt, OD

The specialty of glaucoma has seen great advances in the past few years. This course will highlight recent developments in therapeutic agents, surgical care, and diagnostic criteria. Additionally, discussions will ensue regarding shifting paradigms of how to judge glaucoma progression and when to advance therapy. This fast-paced course will bring you up to date on the latest hot topics in glaucoma.

SECO Live CE Saturday

June 12, 2021
(6) Hours of LIVE CE - FREE!

It’s Time to Rethink Myopia

Jeffrey J. Walline, OD & Noel A. Brennan, MScOptom, PhD, FAAO

The attendees will grasp the magnitude and severity of the myopia epidemic, the risk factors for development of myopia and high myopia and the need for and approaches to slowing progression.

Contemporary Prescribing of Oral Medications in Eye Disease
Jessica Steen OD

This course presents the contemporary management of systemically administered medications used to treat eye disease. Clinical application of prescribing indications, potential adverse reactions, emerging resistance and alternative medication choices are discussed. Additionally, practical guidelines for the responsible prescription of opioid medications will be discussed.

AMD: Contemporary Thinking in Diagnostics and Management
Jeffry Gerson OD

As AMD becomes a bigger problem in the general patient population, it becomes more important to detect it earlier and treat it appropriately. This course will discuss what ODs can do to help with risk education, prevention, early detection and treatment.

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