New To The Office Certificate Training Program


The New To The Office Certificate Training Program from SECO University is the latest educational offering from the Education Destination® for eye care professionals. This online program provides training on topics that are key to becoming a successful ophthalmic professional.

Whether you are new to the office or an experienced allied ophthalmic professional, the SECO education program includes courses that meet the diverse needs of everyone in the office. Learn from dynamic speakers / educators who are leading experts in the field. The 'New to the Office' series is designed to provide basic information for new hires and cross-training for the entire practice.

Click the button below to learn about the benefits to doctors and allied health professionals, eligibility, costs, and how the program works.


Step #1


You must have a SECO University account. It doesn't matter if it's a paid full-access account, or a free limited-access account.

Not sure? You can use our PASSWORD RECOVERY page to see if you already have an account, or to retrieve your existing username or password.

If you DO NOT have an existing account, please go ahead and register now.

Step #2


The SECO New to the Office Certificate Program is a $247 value, but is currently available at the discounted price of $99. This includes access to all of our 23 New to the Office program courses, taking and grading the tests, and receiving your personalized certificate.

Step #3


Each participant can look at the library of courses and choose the 10 (or more) most beneficial topics that will help you maximize your on-the-job performance. View each presentation and successfully take the associated 10-question test.

Step #4


When you have viewed at least 10 courses in their entirety, and passed the associated tests, use the button below to use our certificate configuration form to let SECO know exactly how you want your name and demographics to print. SECO is notified and a customized certificate like the one pictured at the top of this page is generated in PDF format and sent via email for printing and record keeping.