Computerized Physician Order Entry Certificate Program

The new Computerized Physician Order Entry Certificate Program (CPOE) from SECO International is the latest educational offering from the Education Destination® for eye care professionals. This online program provides training on topics that are key to becoming a successful ophthalmic scribe.

Scribes work closely with doctors in a data management capacity. Primary duties are to gather patient information, perform clinical documentation, maintain accurate electronic health records, manage dictation, and generate referral letters, all of which allows the doctor to focus on patient care rather than clerical duties.

Benefits for Doctors

• Have qualified staff able to perform computerized provider order entry to fulfill meaningful use measures for the Medicare electronic health records (EHRs) incentive program – which will in turn save time and increase revenue
• A concise and cost-effective training option when compared to similar certified programs, making it easy to train existing staff.

Benefits for Allied Healthcare Professionals

• Those already employed in an ophthalmic setting gain new skills that can lead to a more advanced role.
• Have new employment opportunities at locations such as: hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies and government health agencies

About the Program

Courses in the CPOE program cover these core competencies for ophthalmic scribes:

• History Taking
• Ophthalmic Patient Services and Education
• Ophthalmic Terminology
• Medical Ethics and Legal Issues
• The Medical Note/Records

To be successful, participants should already be familiar with basic human anatomy, ocular anatomy, ocular diseases and traumas of the eye, pre-testing and documentation, coding, and electronic medical records. A working knowledge of computers along with access to a computer with internet are required.

Program Eligibility

Anyone who is interested in becoming a scribe should consider this program. Participants must have a high school diploma or GED.

How it Works

In order to complete the Computerized Physician Order Entry Certificate Program, participants must:

• Register online at for only $99 (a $247 value)
• Choose and complete at least 10 of the 24 available program courses and pass the associated tests for each.

Participants must complete the program within six months of registering. Once program completion is verified, participants will receive their Computerized Physician Order Entry Certificate electronically. The certificate is valid for three years.