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CPOE Courses

How to Be a Better Contact Lens Technician - Phyllis Rakow

This course will teach you how to be more efficient in your office by effectively scheduling CL patients, take a CL history, triage CL emergencies, and educate CL patients. Also included will be tips on control and prevent infection in the CL room, and promotion of your practice through school referrals, newsletters, local media, and point-of service brochures. (Length: 2HR)


703/2017 - Effective Coding and Billing - Zach McCarty, OD

This course will seek to educate optometrists and their staff about the transition from the third-party payor system to a pay-for performance paradigm. Participants will learn about recent changes including ICD-10, new codes and rules for 2017, and most importantly MACRA and MIPS. (Length: 2HR)


704/2017 - Slit Lamp Lecture - Nathan Stevens, OD

The goal of this course is to familiarize technicians with the instrumentation of the slit lamp and proper examination technique. We will review common uses of the slit lamp and cover basic safety measures to follow. (Length: 1HR)


705/2017 - ​Lensometry Lecture - Michael Coleman

This course will examine the parts of a manual lensometer, how to operate the lensometer, and how to ‘neutralize’ a pair of single vision and flat-top bifocals with the instrument. (Length: 1HR)


711/2017 - E-Prescribing and PQRS - Sharon Carter

What are the guidelines for E-scribing? What are the current PQRS codes and modifiers that we will be using in optometry. This course will identifying the proper codes and the compliance measures required to get incentive bonus and avoid penalties in the future as we are required to prove “Meaningful Use” through the Medicare and Medicaid programs. (Length: 1HR)


Macular Degeneration from A to Z - Michael Stewart, MD

This course provides a detailed discussion of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness in industrialized countries, which focuses on the underlying pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and the evolution oft reatment modalities from laser to anti-VEGF injections. (Length: 1HR)


Red Eye: What Do You See? - Kris Kerestan-Garbig, OD

This course will focus on the imperative role of the front office staff and ophthalmic assistant/technician in managing red eye “emergencies”, as well as the most common presenting signs, symptoms, causes and treatment options in practice. (Length: 2HR)


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719/2017 - Patient Education: The Contact Lens Dispenser's Responsibility - Diane Drake

This course will introduce the contact lens dispenser to the responsibilities of properly educating patients on the proper care and handling of contact lenses, along with potential dangers. Basic methods for insertion and removal will be included. (Length: 2HR)


Optical Talk for Techs and Team Members - Joy Gibb

Patients rely on the recommendations of eye care providers in making their eyewear purchases. Technicians can begin laying the groundwork for product solutions during the pre-exam, as they get to know the patient’s lifestyle, needs, and expectations. This course will give an overview of frame and lens materials, designs, and treatments, so the entire eye care team can make appropriate recommendations and understand the common question of, “why are these glasses so expensive? (Length: 2HR)


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Tonometry and Pachymetry - Caroline Pate, OD

Tonometry measures the pressure inside the eyes and is frequently used to assess and evaluate patients for glaucoma. This course begins with an overview of aqueous humor dynamics. Participants will understand why and how tonometry is performed, how to prepare patients for the test, and the benefits and indications for the different available methods of tonometry. The relationship between IOP and corneal thickness as well as proper recording and interpretation of measurements will be covered. (Length: 1HR)


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Questions Your Glaucoma Patients Want to Know - Will Smith, OD

Today, providers are beaten down by heavily loaded schedules and stacks of diagnostic images to review. This course will equip attendees with the knowledge to answer challenging patient questions related to this blinding disease. (Length: 0:43)


730/2017 - A Review of HIPAA Rules - Wartman and Richman

This course will review the new HIPAA rules, along with a review of the potential penalties for violations and how to identify and address any breaches in privacy. (Length: 1HR)


Sometimes the Solution is the Solution - Phyllis Rakow

Contemporary issues related to contact lens solutions will be covered, including FDA classification, preservatives and disinfectants, generic solutions, problems with solution interaction and solution incompatibility, special needs of silicone hydrogel lenses, and patient compliance. (Length: 1HR)


Troubleshooting Rx Complaints - Joy Gibb

There are times when customers have difficulty seeing out of their new eyewear. This course will explore ways for you to avoid the re-dos that can be costly to not only your profit margin, but also to the morale of the team and the confidence of the customer. There are things you can do both before and after the sale that will help you become a better dispenser while avoiding costly mistakes. (Length: 2HR)


739/2017 - Making the Most Out of Patient History - Blair Lonsberry, OD

An accurate and complete case history is a critical aspect of patient care. The optometric assistant plays a key roll in taking a detailed case history without slowing down patient flow. This interactive presentation will review the key components of a complete case history and some “tricks of the trade” on how to make it efficient and comprehensive. (Length: 1HR)


745/2017 - Meaningful Use - Wartman and Richman

This course will provide the most current updates on what was meaningful use, now called MACRA and MIPS. We will discuss how the quality programs have changed and merged together, along with how to earn maximum bonues and avoid penalties. (Length: 1HR)


751/2017 - Coding and Billing - Sharon Carter

Insurance is a major source of practice income including both government and commercial payers. You will learn in this course the detailed criteria for choosing the proper code and how to build the proper code so that you can receive the payment to which you are entitled while ensuring compliancy and being audit proof. It is one thing to work for “free” but, to work, get paid, spend the money, and then have to give it back makes for a bad day! (Length: 2HR)


752/2017 - Visual Acuity - Tamara Franklin

A necessary component of all patient exams is measuring a patient’s ability to see. This presentation will address the various ways that vision can be assessed and the importance of obtaining accurate measurements. (Length: 1HR)


769/2017 - Contact Lens Complications - Adam Gordon, OD

This course will provide an overview of common complications related to contact lens wear. Each complication will be described by clinical presentation (symptoms and signs), diagnosis, and treatment/management. Strategies for prevention and long-term maintenance of the ocular surface will be presented. (Length: 1HR)


Customer Service: Must Have Skills for Employees - Mary Schmidt

This course is designed as a self-evaluation and development program. Each attendee will receive a breakout of skills they must possess or acquire to fully deliver the customer service needed in our current marketplace. (Length: 1HR)


784/2017 - Common Diseases and Disorders - Mary Schmidt

Perhaps there is nothing more amazing than the structure and complexities of the human eye. Attendees will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the eye and, in turn, they will be able to explain its function to patients in easy-to-understand language. (Length: 1HR)

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