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What Do You Really Know about Contact Lenses
William Underwood, PhD This course will test attendee’s ability to identify contact lens related images. Thirty images of slit lamp illuminations, contact lens fits and related ocular conditions will be presented
Preventing Medical Errors in the Optical Environment
Presenter: Diane F. Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM This course will identify medical errors in the optical environment, understanding how they happen and what they can cause, as well as introducing ways to prevent them. Included in discussion will be terms, including failure mode and effects analysis, and root cause analysis, assessment, as well as identification, documentation, implementation of remedial process, and communication. 
The Value of Premier for You and the Practice
Presenter: Patrick Donovan Sponsor Symposia - The Value of Premier for You and the Practice
Optician’s Guide for Visual Impairment
Presenter:  William Underwood, PhD This course will provide an understanding of visual impairment and methods used to measure its severity. A description and visual simulation of the most common causes of visual impairment will be presented. Treatment plans including optical and non-optical aids will be reviewed.