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Delivering Postural Flexibility with Varilux Comfort Max
Pete Hanlin, LDO, ABOM More than ever before, people are spending an overwhelming amount of time in front of computer screens and other digital devices. These digital lifestyles often dictate that PAL wearers adopt a rigid, uncomfortable position in their daily lives. New Varilux Comfort Max lenses adapt to the wearer’s posture, delivering the 20/Happy vision they desire and provides postural flexibility for all day long vision comfort.
Troubleshooting Progressive Power Lenses
Frank Pigneri, ABO AC Progressive Addition Lenses are fit on approximately 60% of all presbyopes in the US market.  These lenses have historically been the most difficult to properly fit and adjust for the provision of visual comfort and clarity.  In fact most non-adapts occur due to fitting issues.  This course is intended to provide a systemic approach to both the fitting and troubleshooting of Progressive Addition Lenses.
Ophthalmic Merchandising
Pete Hanlin, LDO, ABOM Merchandising involves the presentation of products and services to consumers- and can be used to educate patients AND make them more likely to follow product and treatment recommendations.  This course provides concrete examples of how practices can position products and services in ways which will increase patient demand/desire for ophthalmic solutions.