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My Top Optical Tips for Excellence
Presenter: Laurie Pierce, LDO, ABOM, NCLEC There is nothing more frustrating (and expensive!) than when a patient is scheduled to see the doctor for a recheck when the problem was in the eyeglasses needing a specific adjustment. A typical scenario is a patient who complains that she can see in the distance and in the near of her new progressives, but has difficulty seeing at intermediate range. Because the optician identified a visual complaint (poor intermediate vision), it is tempting to automatically book the patient for a recheck with the doctor. The result is wasted chair time (a luxury most practices cannot afford) when the solution could have been handled by the optician. We will look at some "case studies" where optical problems are hidden in the prescription, and it is up to us to find solutions BEFORE we order the lenses or book for a refraction recheck. Using the Optical Approach to Excellence will help eliminate wasted time and resources and limit optical errors.
Clear and Present Dangers of Diabetes
Presenter: Phernell Walker, MBA, NCLEC, ABOM Diabetes is a prevalent systemic disease that has direct implications on ocular health and vision. Knowing the implications of diabetes is an important aspect of eyecare for all eye care professionals. This course provides an up to date understanding on this increasing systemic disease and its effect on vision.
Commoditization of Eyewear: Lens Designs that Cannot be a Commodity
Presenter: Phernell Walker, MBA, NCLEC, ABOM In today's competitive marketplace, certain lens designs stand above all others. These lens designs cannot be commoditized. This course goes deep into lens design, effects of aspheric, atoric, refractive indices, lens thickness, advances in thin films, and innovations of lens geometry.
Symposia: Marchon and Altair Eyewear present: Optical Trends and Treasures
Presenter: Shannon Ball, Marchon, Regional Vice President, SouthEast
Contact Lens Related Pathology
Presenter: Buddy Russell, FCLSA, C.O.M.T., FSLS The slit lamp may be the most important tool in the practice. Proper use of the various techniques is essential to fully utilize its use in the clinical setting. This course will also review the various contact lens complications that can occur as a result of contact lens wear. The probable causes and the possible cures for each complication will be discussed.
Symposia: Exceeding Patient Expectations
Presenter: Jeremy Burgess, Instructional Designer, VSP Optics