Getting To Know Your OCT

Speaker: Brad Sutton, OD
Length: 2 Hour
Cost: $40
Date: Thursday, April 30th
Time: 7:00 PM ETD
COPE ID: #67001-PD (LIVE CE)
COPE Activity: #119331

This course covers the scientific principles behind OCT technology, both current and emerging, and the clinical indications for its use. The majority of the course consists of clinical case examples highlighting the use of OCT in patient care and management. Several conditions including macular edema, VMTS, ERM, macular hole, AMD, PED, neurosensory retinal detachment, glaucoma, NAION, ONH drusen, solar maculopathy, outer retinal tubules, and many others are covered.

NOTE: COPE has approved this course as LIVE CE. You will receive the same credit as if you attended a live face-to-face CE event.

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