Complimentary Education for Opticians and Contact Lens Technicians provided by VSP.

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NAO and SECO present 18 hours of quality ABO/NCLE education you can trust, at no cost to you, compliments of VSP.  This exciting program allows Opticians and Contact Lens Technicians to meet their continuing education requirements in an efficient format. 

Content covers optical/technical concepts taught by the most sought-after educators in Opticianry.

NAO LIVE CE Saturday #2 powered by SECO University

Saturday, November 14, 2020

(6) Hours of LIVE CE

Problem Solving for Uncommon Prescriptions
Diane Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM
2 Hours Level III ABO

Some prescriptions don’t exactly fall into the average column. This course will introduce the participant to prescriptions that are not common, as well as prescriptions that may appear common, but lifestyles that require uncommon solutions. Discussions will include analyzing the prescriptions and the patient’s lifestyle and deciding on the visual correction that will best suit their needs. Included in this presentation will be ophthalmic optics. The last portion of this class will include group breakouts. Both spectacle and contact lens options will be included in this discussion.


Slit Lamp Virtual Workshop
Mile Brujic, OD
2 hours Level II NCLE

The ocular health is assessed in detail with the slit lamp. This course will be an interactive course that will allow the attendee to see what really happens through a "virtual presentation" of the slit lamp exam and how it pertains to examining the ocular structures.

It Takes a Detective to Dispense Exceptional Eyewear
Bill Underwood, PHD
2 Hours Level II ABO

This is an interactive course that will challenge the attendee to review scenarios and deduce the correct solution to the patient/customer needs. You will learn investigative techniques to determine their true visual, functional, and aesthetic requirements. The tools include detailed interviews, optical analysis, multiple measurements, and custom fitting.

NAO LIVE CE Saturday #3 powered by SECO University

Saturday, December 5, 2020

(6) Hours of LIVE CE
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Past NAO Events

NAO LIVE CE Saturday powered by SECO University

10:15AM - 5:00PM EDT | Saturday, October 10, 2020

(6) Hours of LIVE CE

Tips for Working with Higher Powered Spectacle Lenses
Speaker: Laurie Pierce, LDO, ABOM, NCLEC
2 Hours Level II ABO

As frame fashions increase in size, we must review the optical concepts that ensue. The majority of optical aberrations occur in the periphery of the lens. When we dispense smaller eye sizes, this is not as urgent. However, as eye sizes increase, so do optical aberrations. This course will focus on the major optical aberrations and prismatic effects that occur in larger lenses, and their optical solutions. In addition, we will discuss the optics of higher-powered lenses, the optical problems, and the solutions.

What Would You Do? Triaging the Ocular Emergency
Speaker: Mile Brujic, OD
2 Hours Level II NCLE

Opticians are challenged with a number of clinical scenarios on a day to day basis where they have to determine the urgency of the case and determine proper triaging protocols. This course will take the attendee through the process of triaging those cases that are emergencies and proper protocols for those patients.

Handling Prescriptions that Contain Prism
Phernell Walker, MBA, NCLEC, ABOM
2 Hours Level II ABO

Prism can create unique challenges even for the experienced eye care professional. Join Phernell Walker, renowned Master Optician, to explore mastering prescriptions with prism topics; Prentice Rule, decentration, prescribed prisms for TBI, strabismus, accidental prism, prism distribution, prism thinning, compounding and resolving prism.

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