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Contemporary Prescribing of Oral Medications in Eye Disease
Presenter:  Jessica Steen, OD, FAAO  |  This course presents the contemporary management of systemically administered medications used to treat eye disease. Clinical application of prescribing indications, potential adverse reactions, emerging resistance and alternative medication choices are discussed. Additionally, practical guidelines for the responsible prescription of opioid medications will be discussed.
Glaucoma Grab Bag: Practical Guidelines for Effective Glaucoma Management
Presenter:  Danica J. Marrelli, OD  |  There's more to glaucoma therapy than a prostaglandin! This lecture will review all classes of glaucoma medications, including the two newest additions to the market. Incorporating new medications, use of generics, and stepped therapy are discussed. The pros, cons, and timing of laser trabeculoplasty will also be presented.
Bausch & Lomb INFUSE™: An Infusion of Innovation
Presenter:  John Womack, OD  |  Sponsored Symposium
SECO Presents: When Good Drugs Go Bad: Ocular Adverse Side Effects (Thursday, May 7, 2020)

Speaker: Tammy Than, OD This course will review systemic medications associated with ocular adverse drug reactions. The course will also present recommendations for monitoring patients on these medications.

Getting To Know Your OCT (Thursday, April 30, 2020)

Speaker: Brad Sutton, OD This course covers the scientific principles behind OCT technology, both current and emerging, and the clinical indications for its use. The majority of the course consists of clinical case examples highlighting the use of OCT in patient care and management. Several conditions including macular edema, VMTS, ERM, macular hole, AMD, PED, neurosensory retinal detachment, glaucoma, NAION, ONH drusen, solar maculopathy, outer retinal tubules, and many others are covered.

SECO Presents: Ophthalmic Therapeutic Drug Update (Thursday, April 23, 2020)

Speaker: Tammy Than, OD This course reviews the newest topical and systemic medications useful in the treatment of ocular disease. Benefits of using the new drugs over existing medications will be discussed along with contraindications and potential side effects. The use of case examples will emphasize the clinical indications.

SECO Presents: My Newest Favorite Cases (Thursday, April 16, 2020)

Speaker: Paul Ajamian, OD

This course will review some relevant principles of diagnosis and management through cases seen at one of the nations largest referral centers.

SECO Presents Off the Menu: A Nutritional Approach to Dry Eye (Thursday, April 9, 2020)

Speaker: Melissa Barnett, OD This lecture will review the clinical benefits and indications of nutrition in dry eye, including the best diets and and beneficial vitamins. The highly debated topic of Omega supplementation and the Dry Eye Assessment and Management (DREAM) study will be reviewed.

SECO Presents New Technologies and Pharmacology: A Look into the Future (April 2, 2020)

Speaker: Chris Wroten, OD A fast-paced, multimedia look at emerging pharmaceuticals,novel drug delivery systems, innovative "eye tech", and advances in ophthalmic surgery. Also discussed will be cutting edge stem cell and gene therapy research and new diagnostic and therapeutic innovations poised to impact eye care.

SECO Presents: Why You Need An Online E-store Now & What Options Are Available (April 1, 2020)
Speaker: Trudi Charest
Join Trudi Charest from Marketing4ECP’s as she walks you through why e-commerce is essential to your business right now and how to get started.  Trudi has done the research and will provide you with actionable ideas as well as numerous resources to guide you through starting this timely initiative.

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