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Fundamentals of Accommodation and Convergence
Speaker: Pete Hanlin, LDO, ABOM Clear, binocular near vision depends on the coordination of accommodation, convergence, and pupil constriction.  Challenges to any of these components can lead to visual symptoms- and even non-adaptation to certain ophthalmic lenses.  Understanding these processes and the symptoms they can create will be helpful to dispensers of ophthalmic products. 
Defy the Bright: Transitions Xtractive New Generation
Speaker: Ryan Lee Parker, OD There is an increase in awareness of the need for light protection with 70% of people saying that protecting their eyes and their eye health is more important now than ever. Additionally, the latest research in eye health continues to reinforce the importance of light protection and the impact unprotected, overexposure can have on our vision. Transitions XTRActive lenses, which are very popular with eyeglass wearers who are very sensitive to light, are the #1 clear-to-extra dark photochromic lens. Wearers seek out Transitions XTRActive lenses because they have a strong desire for extra light protection and a superior visual experience. The new generation of Transitions XTRActive lenses are especially designed to deliver the best extra darkness and the best extra light protection that very light-sensitive eyeglass wearers and people who are exposed to intense bright light desire.
Essilor Sponsor Symposium - Leonardo: Science for a New Vision
Presenter: Matthieu Tagnon Part II: Essilor Sponsor Symposium: Management Development Program (MDP) Presenter: Brooke K. Carrasco, ABOC, NCLEC
Blue Light
Speaker: Pete Hanlin, LDO, ABOM This course describes the effects of blue light upon the body, sources of blue light, and various types of ophthalmic products designed to reduce exposure to blue light.