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The ABC’s of Soft Contact Lenses
Speaker: William Underwood, PhD, ABOM This course will provide an overview of the soft contact lens fitting process from pre-fit evaluation to follow up care. Methods of selecting lens type and lens parameter s based on pre-fit findings and patient needs will be presented. Lens fit evaluation and troubleshooting will be discussed.
Problem Solving for Uncommon Prescriptions
Speaker: Diane F. Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM Some prescriptions don’t exactly fall into the average column. This course will introduce the participant to prescriptions that are not common, as well as prescriptions that may appear common, but lifestyles that require uncommon solutions. Discussions will include analyzing the prescriptions and the patient’s lifestyle and making a determination on the visual correction that will best suit their needs. Included in this presentation will be ophthalmic optics. The last portion of this class will include group breakouts. Both spectacle and contact lens options will be included in this discussion.
Material Matters: A Deep Dive into Lens Substrates
Speaker: Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM, LDO Modern lens materials have provided the perfect canvas for the most complex lens designs. Lens performance can be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively by substrate. This fun course explores the differences between lenses and their attributes. Lens materials do matter and can make a big difference in patient outcomes.
Solution for Anisometropia
Speaker: Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM, LDO Can you believe over 66% of the world population has anisometropia? This commonly overlooked condition can create a myriad of problems and even result in aniseikonia. This course explores anisometropia, aniseikonia factors, spectacle magnification formulae, and creating iseikonic lenses.