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VSP Vision Supports You All the Way
Presenter:  Michelle Titzkowski
NOT for CE Credit VSP Title Sponsor Presentation

Three Must-Have Marketing Resources to Promote Your Practice
Presenter:  Danae Lefranc, MBA
NOT for CE Credit VSP Title Sponsor Presentation

Improving Protection and Performance with Safety & Sports Eyewear
Presenter:  William Underwood, PhD, ABOM
Statistics on eye injuries should concern consumers and eye care professionals. This course will look at the occupational and recreations areas posing the greatest risk and present the latest products to provide protection and improve performance.

Power Optics: Nominal Versus 3D Position of Wear
Presenter:  Phernell Walker, Pure Optics, LLC
Calculating position of wear explores beyond the exam chair. A patient’s nominal prescription sometimes must be converted into real world optics in 3D space. Explore nominal, effective, and compensated lens dioptric power based on position of wear in 3D space, implications of refractive index and substrate on dioptric vs. surface power, spherical and cylindrical contact lens vs. spectacle power based on vertex.

Contact Lens Grand Rounds
Presenter:  Buddy Russell, COMT, FCLSA,FSLS,LDO
This course will review in detail several interesting contact lens patients. The cases are presented in the S.O.A.P. format. Each case presented will discuss pertinent information that must be obtained in order to make proper decisions concerning the patient. Emphasis will be given to the discussion of the various management options offered by each unique case presented.

Lens Cosmesis - Blending Optical Theory with Cosmetic Lens Design?
Presenter:  Phernell Walker, Pure Optics, LLC Designing the most optically precise and cosmetically appealing lens shouldn't be left to common myths and optical roulette. Here's a course that will explore the effects of varying refractive indices, lens thickness in every meridian, spherical/apheric versus atoric lens design, reflectance factor, and the effects on visual field. The implications of both visual acuity and practical lens design will be discussed.