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Anatomy and Physiology-How The Eye Works
Presenter: Diane Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM This course will list and identify the structures of the eye, explaining the visual functions. It will also discuss the refractive status and process of the eye, identifying various conditions of the eye and possible corrections. Included will be muscles of the eye and how they work, and how to identify and manage unequal refractive errors and complications of the eye.
A Little of This and A Little of That
Presenter: Buddy Russell, COMT, FCLSA,FSLS,LDO There are many reasons why a patient may wear a contact lens. A contact may be worn and considered “want to lenses” while others may require “have to lenses”. These small pieces of plastic can impact the quality of life for patients in a positive way. In regards to medically indicated contact lens wear, few areas in eyecare are more rewarding for the eyecare professional. This course will present various conditions that require a contact lens for visual rehabilitation. In addition, fitting techniques and evaluations for each entity will be explored.
Symposia: Marchon and Altair Welcome you to 2021
Presenter: Toni McElroy, Regional VP, Marchon Eyewear
Basic Principles of Refraction for the Optician and Technician
Basic Principles of Refraction for the Optician and Technician Presenter: Laurie Pierce, LDO, ABOM, NCLEC Understanding the relationship between the refraction and the patient's Rx is vital for communicating visual situations with our patients/clients.  Knowing how the numbers came to be in the prescription helps the ophthalmic dispenser understand the connection between the refractive procedure and the final Rx.  This information is extremely valuable when troubleshooting an optical problem, and when explaining facts about vision to our clientele.
Symposia: Framing the Future of Eyewear Through Frame Board Management
Presenter: Dion Feagan, Regional VP, Marchon Eyewear