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Human Trafficking and How to Protect its Victims

Speaker: Jason DeMayo
Length: 1 Hour
Cost: $20 (Free to Subscribers)
CE Broker: 20-696499

NOTE: This course is NOT COPE-approved. It is approved by Florida CE Broker.

Within this course we will learn about human trafficking, including the definition and the different types of human trafficking, i.e. sex trafficking versus labor trafficking and why this is a completely separate issue from human smuggling even though the two crimes are often linked; additionally we will discuss why human trafficking and human smuggling are often misidentified as the same. We will discuss the definition of human trafficking according to the International Labor Organization (ILO) and what that means to you. We will discuss how big human trafficking is within the US as well as on a global scale. We will learn why this crime has grown exponentially fast over the last three decades, and how much the projected growth patterns for this crime are forecasted to be over the next decade. In addition to the grand scale of human trafficking we will about who traffickers will typically target for potential victims and why. We will discuss what industries we are more prone to harbor victims of labor trafficking within the US, as well as what industries are prone to looking the other way when it comes to sex labor trafficking victims (according to the ILO). We will learn the indicators of both sex trafficking as well as labor trafficking and what to do if you think you spot a victim. We will also discuss what you can do to protect your own family from potentially becoming the victim of human trafficking, i.e. how to protect your children from becoming victims.


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