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Compensated Powers (and other ophthalmic conundrums)
Speaker: Pete Hanlin, LDO, ABOM This course explains the concepts of compensated power, chromatic aberration, anti-reflection, and industry standards- with a focus on clearing up common misconceptions.
Myopia: A New Frontier
Speaker: Ryan Lee Parker, OD This course is a high-level view of myopia prevalence and management options. We will explore why the numbers of myopic children are continuing to increase in the United States and the potential for vision loss if we do not manage these cases appropriately. This course will also cover various management options and how effective they are in dealing with myopia. Future management options will also be explored.
Essilor Sponsor Symposium
Essilor Sponsor Symposium - Leonardo: Science for a New Vision Presenter: Matthieu Tagnon Essilor Sponsor Symposium - Management Development Program (MDP) Presenter: Brooke K. Carrasco, ABOC, NCLEC
Fundamentals of Progressive Lens Design
Speaker: Pete Hanlin, LDO, ABOM With well over 100 distinct progressive lens designs available to the practitioner, it can be difficult to identify and measure design characteristics and their impact on real-life vision. This course lays out the fundamental optical and physiological principles a well-functioning PAL must respect, as well as the unwanted side-effects created when those principles are transgressed (aka “troubleshooting”).