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Dispensing Fundamentals for New Opticians
Presenter: Phernell Walker, II, MBA, ABOM Opticians must be able to properly analyze prescriptions, select, fit, measure, and troubleshoot eyewear. This fun course explores analyzing spectacle prescriptions, creating the most ideal eyewear and troubleshooting. Topics include prescription analysis, spectacle lens comparison of attributes, selecting the ideal frame, adjusting, fitting eyewear, and troubleshooting.
Welcoming Patients to Presbyopia
Presenter:  Pete Hanlin, LDO, ABOM
The average age for a progressive lens wearer is around early-to-mid 50’s. However, patients tend to experience presbyopia in their early 40’s. In this training you’ll learn how to approach newly presbyopic patients, navigate their misconceptions and guide them towards the best visual solution, progressive lenses.

Presenter:  Ryan Lee Parker, OD
This course explains trends and treatment options related to the progression of myopia.

Sponsor Symposia - Be your Patients' HERO: Give them vision without limits with Varilux Lenses
Presenter:  Brooke K. Carrasco, ABOC, NCLEC
Co-Presenter:  Frank Pigneri, ABO-AC
Give them vision without limits with Varilux lenses.

Compensated Powers (and Other Ophthalmic Conundrums)
Presenter: Pete Hanlin, LDO, ABOM 
This course explains the concepts of compensated power, chromatic aberration, anti-reflection, and industry standards- with a focus on clearing up common misconceptions.