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The DNA of Ophthalmic Lenses
Presenter:  Jackie O'Keefe, ABOC – Owner, O'Keefe Optical Consultants
Ophthalmic lenses possess unique properties like specific gravity, tensile strength, safety, ABBE Value, thickness, pitch and motion just to name a few. And each ophthalmic lens material has its own attributes too like low price points, great drilling material, thinness, amazing clarity and optics, lightweight and cosmetic appeal. This course drills deeply and explores the unique properties of plus, minus, cylinder, multifocal, progressive, prism and a plethora of material choices offered today. Come and join us as we explore the DNA of ophthalmic lenses.
Jackie O'Keefe, ABOC is licensed in Virginia and has been in the Optical industry since 1981. She is a contributing writer for 2020 Magazine, on Transitions Optical Speakers Bureau, a course preparer for Quantum Optical and consults in the Virginia Beach, VA area. Jackie has written, published and presented numerous CPC/ABO courses and lectures on a variety of optical topics. She was recently honored as one of the top 10 speakers for Vision Expo/Opticon East 2019. Jackie is a second generation Optician along with her two sisters, Candace O'Keefe Culp and Laure O'Keefe Pierce. She was active in the International Association of Lions Clubs, a volunteer for Maine's Prevention of Blindness Programs, Inc. and the Suicide Prevention Awareness & Resource Council. Jackie is Past President of the Opticians Association of Virginia and a founding member and Past President of the Opticians Association of Maine.
The Fight Against Myopia
Presenter:  Buddy Russell, COMT, FCLSA,FSLS,LDO – Contact Lens Technologist, Thomas Eye Group
The first reports of myopia control date back to the 1950’s. Since that time, research and changes in contact lens technology have once again shown that there are ways to control myopia and axial elongation. This course will review the latest findings related to the topic specific to children.
Buddy Russell FCLSA, COMT, FSLS, NCLEM, LDO After a long and distinguished career at Emory University, Buddy left academia to accept a position at Thomas Eye Group in Atlanta. In addition to patient care, Buddy is involved in teaching, product development and validation. He has been certified by J.C.A.H.P.O. since 1986 and is a Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist. Buddy is a Fellow member of the Scleral Lens Society and the Contact Lens Society of America. He lectures frequently at national and international meetings on contact lens related topics. Buddy has written articles for various publications, two chapters for CLSA’s advanced training manual and is a peer reviewer for the Cornea and the Eye and Contact Lens journals and also serves on the editorial board for the Contact Lens Science and Research publication. Buddy is a member of the GPLI advisory board and on the board of directors for CLSA. He is also a contributing editor for CLSA’s Eyewitness journal. Buddy served as the National Contact Lens coordinator for the Infant Aphakia Treatment Study. His most recent accomplishments include being awarded with the Joseph Soper Award for excellence in education and co-authoring a chapter on managing refractive errors in children in Taylor and Hoyt’s Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus textbook.
Anatomy and Physiology for Opticians
Presenter:  Phernell Walker, II, MBA, ABOM – President, Pure Optics
The human eye is an amazing, complex system. This course takes you on a journey exploring each structure in detail. Topics include both intraocular and adnexa anatomical features such as, the structures and function of the palpebral fissures, canthi, conjunctiva, sclera, cornea (five layers and function of each), iris, pupil, limbus, glands and much more. The process of seeing including binocular, color vision and stereopsis vision will be discussed.
Phernell Walker, MBA, NCLEC, ABOM, Renowned National Speaker. Anyone who meets Phernell Walker knows that optics is his passion. He has become a nationally-renowned speaker because of his unique talent for teaching his students everything they need to know to become a professional optician. He authored the textbook, Pure Optics, which is used in several optometry and opticianry colleges. Mr. Walker is a Past Adjunct Professor of Ophthalmic Optics at Pacific University College of Optometry. Mr. Walker is one of only a few hundred people to earn the Master in Ophthalmic Optics (ABOM). He currently serves as the Director of Optometric Relations at VSP Ventures, proudly serves on the board of directors for the National Academy of Opticianry and the American Board of Opticianry. His educational achievements include an MBA, BS in Business, and an AS in Ophthalmic Optics. He is certified by the both the American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examiners.
Maximizing with Marchon and Altair
Presenter:  David Andrews, MBA – Inside Sales Regional Manager - Altair Eyewear
David designs, develops, and delivers training for Altair Eyewear Account Executives. David, a California native, lives in West Sacramento with his wife and son. Last year, he received his MBA from California State University of Sacramento.
VSP Premier with Academy 360
Presenter:  Julie Fischer – Sr. Global Business Development Manager
Julie Fischer is currently a Global Business Development Manager serving South Carolina and Georgia at VSP. As an optical industry veteran of over 25 years, she is passionate about guiding practices to maximize the opportunities available from VSP. She has a wealth of experience from a foundation of working in a variety of optical settings. She currently is a member of the Optical Women's Association and serves on their membership committee. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband at their tiny house near the beach on the North Carolina coast.