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Handling Prescriptions that Contain Prism
Presenter: Phernell Walker, MBA, NCLEC, ABOM Prism can create unique challenges even for the experienced eye care professional. Join Phernell Walker, renowned Master Optician, to explore mastering prescriptions with prism topics; Prentice Rule, decentration, prescribed prisms for TBI, strabismus, accidental prism, prism distribution, prism thinning, compounding and resolving prism.
What Would You Do? Triaging the Ocular Emergency
Presenter: Mile Brujic, OD Opticians are challenged with a number of clinical scenarios on a day to day basis where they have to determine the urgency of the case and determine proper triaging protocols. This course will take the attendee through the process of triaging those cases that are emergencies and proper protocols for those patients.
Symposium: Premier Program
Presenter: Jeff Haukass
Tips for Working with Higher Powered Spectacle Lenses
Presenter: Laurie Pierce, LDO, ABOM, NCLEC As frame fashions increase in size, we must review the optical concepts that ensue. The majority of optical aberrations occur in the periphery of the lens. When we dispense smaller eye sizes, this is not as urgent. However, as eye sizes increase, so do optical aberrations. This course will focus on the major optical aberrations and prismatic effects that occur in larger lenses, and their optical solutions. In addition, we will discuss the optics of higher-powered lenses, the optical problems, and the solutions.
Symposia: VSP Premier Program
Presenter: Joseph Romo