Six hours of LIVE CE! | June 20, 2020 | 9:30AM - 3:45PM EDT

<b>Greg Caldwell, OD</b>
Greg Caldwell, OD
Mohammad Rafieetary, OD
Mohammad Rafieetary, OD
<b>Tracy Offerdahl, PharmD</b>
Tracy Offerdahl, PharmD

COPE Activity: #119689

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Facilitator - Walt Mayo, OD

Thyroid Dysfunction, Rheumatology and the Eye
Speaker: Greg Caldwell, OD
Credit Hours: (2)

COPE: 67145-SD

This course reviews the close association between the eye, thyroid dysfunction, and rheumatology. Clinical features, laboratory testing, clinical examination, and therapeutic options will be discussed. Topics include connective tissue disease, vasculitides, spondyloarthropathies and thyroid disease. The ocular manifestations and management of these conditions will be discussed.


SECO Presents Journey to the Peripheral Retina
Speaker: Mohammad Rafieetary, OD
Credit Hours: (2)
COPE: 68275-PS
This course reviews a number of peripheral retinal diseases including degenerative, vascular, pigmented lesions and those associated with infectious and inflammatory conditions. Traumatic etiologies will be emphasized.


SECO Presents CBD, THC, and Marijuana Weeding Through the Choices
Speaker: Tracy Offerdahl, PharmD
Credit Hours: (2)
COPE: 65579-PH
The use of cannabis and cannabinoid products in multiple medical disciplines has exploded in recent years. This has prompted many medical practitioners to take a hard look at types of plants, types of products, and even their own pre-conceived opinions regarding these products. It is useful to have a basic understanding of how these products work, who uses them, and how they might manifest in a patient who presents for an ocular exam. For those optometric practitioners who choose to explore the potential uses of cannabinoids and/or cannabis products in their patients, it is important to understand the manufacturing issues, growing issues, chemical entities, risks and benefits associated with these chemicals. Additionally, legal and ethical issues will be discussed and debated with the audience.

Closing Remarks and Q&A
Facilitator- Walt Mayo, OD

NOTE: The courses will be approved as COPE LIVE CE. You will receive the same credit as if you attended a live face-to-face CE event.