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Unable to travel to Atlanta for SECO 2018? SECO Live gives you the opportunity to view five of our renowned Special Sessions and our cutting-edge MedPRO 360 presentations from any connected device.


Each 2-hour Special Session is COPE-approved with an available test online, allowing you to earn up to 10 hours of credit. These courses can be accessed live, with continued access to video recordings for up to a month post-Congress. 

MedPRO 360

MedPRO 360 features four of the country's top speakers, all on Saturday, March 3rd starting at 1:30PM. These sessions are not for credit, but cover a wide range of topics you will not want to miss.

Special Sessions

Each Special Session will have testing available to earn 2 hours of COPE credit.

Gear Up For Glaucoma!

James Thimons, OD and Robert Noecker, MD

Glaucoma is exploding with new diagnostic tests, soon to be released pharmaceutical agents, and surgical treatment technologies. The confluence of these advances and optometry’s role in the future of glaucoma care will be discussed. Don’t miss this OD/ MD perspective on how you can be part of this exciting era.

Date: Thursday, Mar 1, 2018
Time: 8:00AM-10:00AM  (Eastern Standard Time)
COPE: 56727-GL (expires: 02/14/2019) 

Hours of Credit: 2

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Pay one price and have access to all nine sessions live, and post-Congress for six months. That's right, all five Special Sessions - and tests - as well as the four MedPRO 360 presentations!

Don’t need all nine? Visit each session page individually to sign up for just what suits you at $30 per Special Session or $60 for the MedPRO360 program.

Eye Cancers: From Melanoma to Retinoblastoma

J. William Harbour, MD

Learn the diagnostic techniques, differential diagnosis, treatment options, outcomes and emerging breakthroughs regarding the care of patients with uveal melanoma and retinoblastoma.

Date: Friday, Mar 2, 2018
Time: 8:00AM-10:00AM  (Eastern Standard Time)
COPE: 56854-SD (expires: 02/22/2019)

Hours of Credit: 2

Anterior Segment Solutions

Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD

Learn the fine art diagnosing fungal, bacterial, and non-infectious keratitis through cases and videos, with an update on cutting-edge research in these areas. Special considerations for cataract surgery in patients with corneal disease will also be presented, as well as updates on secondary IOLs and recent experience with the new presbyopia-correcting IOLs.

Date: Saturday, Mar 3, 2018
Time: 8:30AM-10:30AM  (Eastern Standard Time)
COPE: Pending

Hours of Credit: 2

Retina 2018

Jay Haynie, OD and Ali Zaidi, MD

Management of retinal disease continues to evolve, with many new options for AMD and diabetic retinopathy. This course highlights new technology such as OCT angiography and its role in primary eye care in 2018, and it reviews the latest clinical trials. A guideline of standards of care will be offered from both an OD and MD perspective.

Date: Sunday, Mar 4, 2018
Time: 7:00AM-9:00AM  (Eastern Standard Time)
COPE: 56686-PS (expires: 02/27/2019)

Hours of Credit: 2

Cornea Update

Joe Shovlin, OD and Andrew Bartlett, MD

Review the epidemiology and pathogenesis of ulcerative keratitis due to many causes. Analyze several recent landmark studies in order to cite the risk factors associated with the increased incidence of corneal infection, with an emphasis on preventive measures in minimizing these occurrences. Review the organisms most likely to be encountered along with the key measures used to make the important differential diagnosis between a sterile versus an infectious keratitis.

Date: Sunday, Mar 4, 2018
Time: 9:00AM-11:00AM  (Eastern Standard Time)
COPE: 56688-AS (expires: 02/12/2019)

Hours of Credit: 2

MedPRO 360 - See a Specialist for Your Practice

medpro white logo 1You can’t take good care of your patients if your practice isn’t healthy. At the one-of-a-kind MedPRO360, you’ll strengthen your business skill set to ensure that your practice is running like it should. MedPRO360 is an exciting business management program that brings together healthcare professionals from all healthcare specialties and areas of practice to learn ways to improve the profitability of your business. Learn from the pros how to boost overall profitability with proven strategies in marketing, management, analytics, human resources, accounting, business proposal drafting and more.


Donald Miller

When it comes to discussing their businesses, many people are so close to their products or services they do not know where to start. Donald Miller — the CEO of StoryBrand and a New York Times Bestselling author of three books — knows how hard it is to communicate clearly and has helped hundreds of businesses clarify their messaging so your website starts working for you, your team members are converted into a sales force, and your patients speak a viral message that spreads.

Saturday, March 3rd
1:45PM – 2:45PM  (Eastern Standard Time)

Office Design and the Patient Experience

Vern Yip

Learn how the design of your office can impact patient’s experience and improve your bottom line with HGTV Design Star judge and award-winning architectural and interior designer who gained national acclaim for his expertise in his private design practice and on primetime television.

Saturday, March 3rd
2:45PM – 3:45PM  (Eastern Standard Time)

Protecting Your Cyber Data

Marc Haskelson

IT security has been a top priority for as long as we have had computers, but the methods for securing digital assets have changed as the use of technology has evolved to drive businesses’ value not simply support practice operations. Cloud and mobile solutions have extended organizations’ boundaries well past what were once secure perimeters. As a result, systems and data have never been more valuable or at risk of attack. What’s more, the threats are changing daily, making the evaluation and purchase of IT security solutions a complicated and challenging endeavor. Join me for a practical understanding session about cybersecurity.

Saturday, March 3rd
4:15PM – 5:15PM  (Eastern Standard Time)

Discovering Happiness

Jenn Lim

Experience the story of Zappos and Delivering Happiness from co-creator Jenn Lim. A consultant with Zappos from its start-up days, she created the Zappos Culture Book, an embodiment of how companies can use happiness as a business model to increase productivity and profitability. Jenn will share the story of CEO Tony Hsieh and how Zappos became the thriving example of culture as a brand with its ‘happiness as a business model,’ then follow the story with takeaways, tips and techniques on how companies with a higher sense of purpose outperform others.

Saturday, March 3rd
5:15PM – 6:15PM  (Eastern Standard Time)