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SECO 2021 CEE Tests - PDFs

Course #Presentation TitleSpeakersDateStartEndDescriptionCEEHoursRoomAccreditations
201406423500Future in Focus: Emerging Eyecare Treatments & TechnologiesChris Wroten, OD4/28/20212:00 PM4:00 PMThis continuously updated course reviews new treatments and technologies poised to enhance delivery of eye care and improve patient outcomes. Topics include new and emerging pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, gene therapies, 3-D printing, wearable technologies, diagnostics, and surgical and non-surgical therapies, among others.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)YESNONOYESYESNOOD, AHPYESYESYESYESYESYESOD22A311/312COPE (GO) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER | AOA PARA
271406324106Medical and Surgical Grand RoundsBrooks Alldredge, OD4/28/20214:15 PM6:15 PMThis unique presentation will tell the story of one patient with a complex neuro-ophthalmic condition that proved to be vision and life-threatening. In addition to describing the diagnosis and treatment in detail, each test, decision, discussion, action and result in the order that they occurred will be outlined. Together, we will extrapolate the many lessons this case has to offer, including strategies for clinical decision-making, lab testing and neuroimaging, and a guide for presenting bad news.YESSystemic Disease (SD)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNOYESOD12A311/312COPE (SD) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER
461406420111Clinical Encounters of the Neuro KindJim Williamson, OD4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMDid you know that optometry IS neuro? Our "routine" exam assesses half of the cranial nerves, and can detect many neurological pathologies through "simple" chair skills. This course will present neurological conditions which an optometrist may encounter, along with clinical cases to highlight course material.YESNeuro-Optometry (NO)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNO2A313/314COPE (NO) | CEE | FL/SC BROKER
521406338113Go For GlaucomaBen Casella, OD4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMYESGlaucoma (GL)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNO2A302COPE (GL) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER
621406398115Integrating the PEDIG Studies into Clinical PracticeGlen Steele, OD; Marie Bodack, OD4/29/202110:30 AM12:30 PMThe PEDIG group has been actively engaged in research related to the vision and eye issues found in children. While the outcomes of the study have given us some direction, many practitioners have not incorporated the protocols into practice. This goal of this course is to bring research together with clinical practice for the benefit of patients. It will include managing patients when their findings do not match the protocols.YESFunctional Vision/Pediatrics (FV)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNOYES2A305COPE (FV) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER
631406400114Evolving Trends in Retinal Vascular DiseaseJessica Steen, OD4/29/202110:30 AM12:30 PMThis course will discuss emerging therapies, imaging modalities, and leading trends in the treatment and management of retinal vascular diseases including macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion, and diabetic retinopathy.YESPosterior Segment (PS)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNO2A302COPE (PS) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER
1251518653131Ocular TraumaMichelle Welch, OD4/30/20212:15 PM4:15 PMThis course will discuss cases of ocular trauma that may present to the primary care optometric office. The management will be discussed in detail including minor surgical techniques that can be performed in office, medications necessary for treatment, and indications for referral to secondary care after stabilizing the patient.YESAnterior Segment (AS)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNO2A411/412COPE (AS) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER
1381406346139Retinal and OCT Grand RoundsSteven Ferrucci, OD4/30/20215:15 PM7:15 PMThis course reviews some of the basic principles of retinal OCTs by using examples to help illustrate OCT findings associated with various posterior pole disorders. Clinical pearls for the various diseases are presented, as well as new treatment options and recommended management.YESPosterior Segment (PS)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNO2A302COPE (PS) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER
1391406361138Frontline Ocular Surface Disease CarePaul Karpecki, OD; Justin Schweitzer, OD4/30/20215:15 PM7:15 PMThis course will discuss the latest advances in the management of dry eye, blepharitis, allergic eye disease and MGD--the most common conditions optometry treats daily. Updated protocols to effectively manage these patients and the latest devices for diagnosis and treatment will be covered. A discussion on the more recent and soon to be approved therapeutic agents for OSD will also be provided.YESAnterior Segment (AS)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNOYES2A411/412COPE (AS) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER
1931406339155Following AMD with OCTJulie Rodman, OD5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMThis course will provide a general overview of AMD and its variants including pathophysiology, risk factors and management. A discussion of AMD disease classification integrating the use of OCT will be emphasized. Real life clinical examples from both an academic and private practice setting will be presented.YESPrinciples of Diagnosis (PD)YESYESNOODYESNOYESNO2A313/314COPE (PD) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER
1961406417154Lumps and BumpsMichelle Welch, OD5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMThis course will discuss the identification of selected eyelid neoplasms, both benign and malignant, along with the management and referral of these conditions. Chalazion management, repair of mild entropion by suture, and Botox for relief of blepharospasm will also be discussed.YESAnterior Segment (AS)YESYESYESNOODYESNOYESNO2A411/412COPE (AS) | CEE | FL/SC CE BROKER | KY ETP