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SECO 2019 - Practice IQ: Eyecon's Expert Series - Sessions 7-12

SECO 2019 was pleased to present the Practice IQ: Eyecon's Expert Series, a nontraditional learning area where attendees dove deep into a wide range of valuable clinical and practice management topics.

Presenter: Bill GerberAttendees will learn the optical retailing success secrets used by top practices around the globe that will help them to not only survive, but thrive in today's highly competitive environment. Retail Merchandising Secrets is a compelling and entertaining workshop designed to help attendees identify where they are falling short and how to catch up.

Presenter: Jack Schaeffer, ODAs managed care reduces your payments and the internet cuts into eyewear sales, developing a fee for service practice strategy will enhance practice growth.

Presenter: Richard Castillo, OD, DOLearn about Optometry’s first surgical organization, and the Optometric Surgeon's delivering the optometric services of tomorrow, …today!

Presenter: Richard Castillo, OD, DO - Get your Hands On a modern radiosurgical unit, and take it for a test drive. Whether lesion ablation, punctual closure, or trichiasis, this is a multi-problem solution!

Presenter: Jeff Rinkus - 360° interactive approach to enhance the patient journey and increase practice revenue.

Presenter: Richard Castillo, OD, DOCome practice your injection skills during our Botox Simulation Lab. Conquer blepharospasm and Periobital wrinkles!

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