SECO 2015 Special Session Videos

The videos below are all 20 minutes in length and are publicly viewable. 

For COPE-approved full-length versions with tests, please visit our OD Online Course Library.

Learn the latest developments in the medical and surgical management of the anterior segment from one of the nation's leading corneal specialists.

Learn timely information on integrating nutritional principles into your practice. Three expert panelists will represent a different mode of practice and will cover all aspects of wellness and nutrition, from history gathering to in-office formal laboratory testing. They will also discuss findings and recommendations with patients.

New ideas and information related to glaucoma is becoming available almost daily. This special session, featuring two renowned leaders in glaucoma, will discuss advanced diagnostic testing, the role of the central field and macula imaging, new therapies and visual disability caused by the disease. Compliance and adherence, along with new ideas related to pathogenesis and therapy of angle closure glaucoma will be covered in an interactive format.

The regulatory and legal challenges facing healthcare practices has never been greater. Master them with this guide to some of the many pitfalls they face and learn real world solutions to help minimize liability. This Special Session, never before presented, will deal specifically with human resource challenges and the Medicare/Medicaid audit process.

During this special session, attendees will learn about advances in cataract surgery today and in the future from two nationally known surgeons. We will also discuss the optometrist's role in counseling and co-managing this large patient population.

Move beyond lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids in order to critically examine several other important nutrients found in common eye-targeted nutritional supplements. Using recent scientific literature, the focus will be on vitamins A, C, D, E, zinc, resveratrol and more with a discussion on indications, functions, dosing, and risks of supplementation for each.