SECO 2016 Special Session Videos

The videos below are all 20 minutes in length and are publicly viewable. 

For COPE-approved full-length versions with tests, please visit our OD Online Course Library.

This twelve-minute clip from one of SECO's exclusive Special Sessions features interactive technology, finds four national dry eye experts stranded on a life raft and surrounded by sharks with limited food and water. Who gets thrown in the water? Who will survive? Only one expert will remain and be crowned the winner. You, the audience, will decide their fate and learn a great deal about dry eye in the process.  See our ONLINE COURSE LIBRARY for the full video and COPE-approved test.

This twenty-minute clip from one of SECO's exclusive Special Sessions provides a critical update on ophthalmic coding and billing, along with laws impacting participation and payments. A review of recent changes to the eye care delivery system will delineate the challenges that the optometric profession faces. Medical and vision plans along with integrated models will be covered by this panel of experts as well. See our ONLINE COURSE LIBRARY for the full video and COPE-approved test.

This special session by a nationally respected expert will aim to increase our understanding of glaucomatous damage, and how to measure it using optical coherence tomography (OCT) and adaptive optics. The nature of glaucomatous damage to the macula will be illustrated with both visual field and imaging results. Methods for improving the detection of glaucomatous damage by integrating information from OCT scans and visual fields will be highlighted.

This exclusive SECO Special Session will provide a very different look at some timely topics that should be on the minds of every primary care OD. After an insightful look at the state of our profession by our moderator Dr. Michael Mittelman, a lineup of national experts will discuss groundbreaking work in the areas of vision and learning, head trauma, and keratoconus. Included will be the first "TED" talk ever given by a doctor of optometry.

One of the most accomplished young eye surgeons in the country will share new innovations in eyecare in this unique Special Session. The audience will learn what is making news at the big ophthalmology meetings, where is technology taking us, and fascinating insights and updates from research conducted at NASA Space Agency.

SECO 2016's fantastic finale featuring optometry's iconic Melton and Thomas. Contemporary medical management with the topical and oral drugs used to treat eye disease is the focus of this Special Session.