About SECO's Online CE

SECO University's Online CE delivers the same high-quality, innovative courses offered during our annual conference in Atlanta right to your fingertips. We understand that your time is valuable and you don't always have time to travel to a meeting, but we believe you should still have access to the best CE offerings in the profession throughout the year, no matter your location.

We have been providing online CE to the ophthalmic community for more than a decade and our experience shows. We have a wide variety of courses to offer, many COPE-approved and cover cutting-edge topics targeted at ophthalmic professionals. COPE-approved courses are delivered in three formats:

  • VIDEO: SECO Special Session Videos feel like you are in the room with the speaker. They include a full course lecture in HD-quality video. A selection of other courses are available in video format, as well.

  • SYNCHRONOUS SLIDES AND AUDIO: In these courses slides advance automatically as you listen to a course. Many COPE-approved presentations with tests are availabgle in this format.

  • ASYNCHRONOUS SLIDES AND AUDIO: In this format slides are advanced manually as the audio plays. All slides are featured as thumbnails below the currently-selected slide so it's easy to use. SECO literally has hundreds of courses in this format, some COPE-approved, many without testing and COPE-approval.

Browse through our offerings and you are sure to find a course that grabs your interest. 

Here's a sample course: