Complimentary Education for Opticians and Contact Lens Technicians provided by VSP and Essilor

NAO LIVE CE Saturday #2 powered by SECO University

Six hours of LIVE CE! | November 14, 2020

NAO and SECO present 18 hours of FREE ABO/NCLE education for Opticians, compliments of VSP

Bill Underwood
Bill Underwood
Diane Drake
Diane Drake
Buddy Russell, FCLSA, C.O.M.T., FSLS
Buddy Russell, FCLSA, C.O.M.T., FSLS

Lobby Opens
Facilitator: Walt Mayo, OD

Announcements from VSP and Introductions
Presenters: NAO

New Technology in Ophthalmic Lenses
Speaker: Alan Burt, VP Product Management & Technical Education, VSP Optics Group

Problem Solving for Uncommon Prescriptions
Speaker: Diane Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM
2 Hours Level III ABO (ST20R307-3)

Some prescriptions don’t exactly fall into the average column. This course will introduce the participant to prescriptions that are not common, as well as prescriptions that may appear common, but lifestyles that require uncommon solutions. Discussions will include analyzing the prescriptions and the patient’s lifestyle and deciding on the visual correction that will best suit their needs. Included in this presentation will be ophthalmic optics. The last portion of this class will include group breakouts. Both spectacle and contact lens options will be included in this discussion.


New Technology in Contact Lenses
Speakers: Alex Dreu, Director Product Strategy & Development, VSP Optics Group and Stacy Curcio, Regional VP Business Development, VSP Optics Group

What’s Wrong and How Would You Fix It?

Speaker: Buddy Russell
2 Hours Level III NCLE (CT20R125-3)

This two-hour course will be presented in a case history format. Patient’s case history will be presented and the various ways a contact lens fitting can be managed based on information given and obtained at the time of the patient visit. Emphasis will be given to what lenses did not work and why it did not work. 


It Takes a Detective to Dispense Exceptional Eyewear

Speaker: Bill Underwood
2 Hours Level II ABO (ST20R306-2)

This is an interactive course that will challenge the attendee to review scenarios and deduce the correct solution to the patient/customer needs. You will learn investigative techniques to determine their true visual, functional, and aesthetic requirements. The tools include detailed interviews, optical analysis, multiple measurements, and custom fitting.

Closing Remarks and Q&A
Facilitator- Walt Mayo, OD / NAO